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Molly and Sadie

Meet Molly and Sadie this story is About Us

On September 7, 2013 my “mom” and “dad” drove for about 30 minutes to get us. Well, actually to get 1 of us.  When our Pet Parents arrived both of us were very excited to see them, we both were trying to impress them.  My “mom” picked up Molly and then looked down at me and said, we need to get both of you.  And so it began, “mom” and “dad” picked us up and put us in the car and away we went.  We are now 4 years old and we are sisters who didn’t have to separate.  We love each other and are glad we are together.

My Pet Parents will blog not only about us sometimes, but about different things that as we grew they found important to share.  I hope you will share your stories too.  We love hearing about how you came to be in your home.  Our Life is good, it’s always good when you are loved.

We love using WebMD as a resource for problems we encounter and we will refer you to it various times in our blogs.

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  1. Welcome! Various Dogs have “Owned” us for over 20 years. The two pictured above have been with us since they were 10 weeks old. They are sisters and are now 4 years old. They have brought comfort, joy and companionship to us. Dogs are more than just 4 legged friends, they all have their own personalities and they are faithful, loving family members.

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