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Rescued Dogs


Rescued Dogs are the inspiration for this post.  Arriving at Nashville this past week, there was a building there that had the most beautiful art painted on it.  Pictured left.

Reflecting on the many, many dogs (and other animals) that are neglected, abused and given up,  I am sadden to think that these beautiful animals are given so little consideration.  I have heard it all from its just a dog, to don’t care it was free, to no attachment here got it for my kid.  Do you ever wonder what the animal is thinking when all they do is give love.

Reflecting Back

Reflecting back on when we went to get Mollie and Sadie.  I purchased Mollie and Sadie from a family out in the country who wanted to breed their dog one time.  They had a litter of 10 and they were AKC registered Labradors.  I did not register my dogs, I had them fixed as I did not want to breed puppies.  Anyway, I feel as if I did rescue them as one never knows if they did not sell where they would have gone.  I am pretty sure both of these two remaining dogs would probably not found a home as they both have imperfections for AKC dogs.  However, I find both of them amazing in their own personalities and markings and it did not matter to me.  Molly is the runt of the litter and Sadie is a very special dog who is sometimes challenged with comprehension skills.

I look in each of their eyes and all I see is 2 dogs who love us and want our undivided attention.  They are funny, sometimes can be a little disobedient but then again it falls back on us that we might not have trained them properly for whatever they are doing wrong.  Its never a dogs fault, it is 100 percent the owners fault as dogs will do what you train them to do and be.  Rescues can require more training and others less but if you are not 110 percent invested in their training then you cannot blame the dog when something goes wrong.

Rescue Sites

Although there are hundreds and hundreds of rescue sites out there, Pet Finder is an awesome site which can lead you all over the US to find the dog that is right for you and your family.


A good read:Bonding with Your Rescue Dog: Decoding and Influencing Dog Behavior (Dog Training and Dog Care Series Book 1)


Vizsla -Smart Dog of the Week

Vizsla- A Sporting Dog

The profile of the Vizsla is detailed below and is direct from the below and is the definition of a Vizsla.

Personality: Gentle, affectionate, energetic and eager
Energy Level: Very Active; Born hunting dogs built for long days in the field, Vizslas are athletes who thrive on hard exercise
Good with Children: Yes
Good with other Dogs: With Supervision
Shedding: Seasonal
Grooming: Occasional
Trainability: Eager To Please
Height: 22-24 inches (male), 21-23 inches (female)
Weight: 55-60 pounds (male), 44-55 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy: 12-14 years
Barking Level: Barks When Necessary

The Hunter

Known for hunting the Vizsla is a great family dog.  This breed is originally from Hungary.  The Vizsla is a retrieving dog and is very popular in use of hunting.  The color is of a golden rust and has short hair.  Considered a medium sized dog.  A very energetic and gentle breed.

You can find individualized product on our Category page for Vizsla shopping.  Below is a great book for reading:  A snipit from the publisher below on the book:



Bestselling author of And the Good News Is… Dana Perino is back with stories of friends, family, and how America’s love for a dog named Jasper is a place where even political opponents can find common ground.

Dana Perino is a popular and beloved host on Fox’s The Five, with over two million followers on social media. While readers admire Dana for her charm, warmth, and insight, she also knows who the real star in her family is: her Vizsla, Jasper-A.K.A. America’s Dog.

In this new book, Dana tells stories about life and politics-and how dogs can transcend rancor and partisanship. She also talks about how dogs bring families together -like Dana’s own, from her career in Washington through her life as a TV star. In addition to all the fun and fabulous dog tales, LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT JASPER… will be fully illustrated with hilarious photoshops so clever they will make you laugh out loud. These photoshops bring Jasper’s adventures to life through pop culture, art, sports and history.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog- straight from the AKC below is the description of this breed (


  • Personality: The PWD is an “A” student: Affectionate, athletic, and adventurous
  • Energy Level: Very Active; On land or in the water, the spirited PWD will always keep up
  • Good with Children: Yes
  • Good with other Dogs: With Supervision
  • Shedding: Seasonal, Hypoallergenic
  • Grooming: Weekly
  • Trainability: Eager To Please
  • Height: 20-23 inches (male), 17-21 inches (female)
  • Weight: 42-60 pounds (male), 35-50 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy: 11-13 years
  • Barking Level: Barks When Necessary

The AKC also has Portuguese Water Dog Club of America at :

This breed was the dog of choice for President Obama.  Bo was born on October 9 ,2008 and in August of 2013 they got Sunny a female dog of the same breed.  



Upset Tummy Troubles?

Upset Tummy Troubles?

Upset Tummy Troubles? Stress, allergies, eating something they should not have.  Dogs can have the occasional stomach upset just like humans can.  If your dog is not feeling well they will search out grass to eat to help get out what they are feeling bad about.  If you dog threw up, restricting their food for 24 hours will help their tummy heal.  Be careful to watch their actions.  An occasional throw up will heal but if your pet is throwing up constantly or if they want to throw up and can’t it may be a more severe problem and a vet should be called to discuss.

If this is just the typical upset tummy, then restricting their food, only giving them little amounts of water for the 24 hours should take care of it.  Introduce just a little bit of food maybe 1/3 of what you would normally give them and wait, if nothing happens within 2 hours or so then give them a little more and so on until their food for the day is administered.   You can also boil white chicken breasts and rice and give them little bits of this at first.  Bland diet.

Upset Tummy Troubles can be a multitude of things, is the place to look for descriptions of what your pet is experiencing and their recommendations or descriptions of what may be going on.  Below is a highly rated Dog Owners Handbook to help you research based on what is happening with your dog.

Rottweiler or “Rottie” is our Smart Dog of the Week

Rottweilers or “Rotties” have been for years part of the anti canine club.  In recent years people have focused more on educating people on breeds once considered dangerous.  The Rottie like the Bully breeds have received a bad name over the years.  The American Rottweiler’s Club is looking to change that.  This club is the only club out there to be part of the AKC.  Below is their introduction statement on the AKC Site.

About The American Rottweiler Club

The American Rottweiler Club (ARC) was formed in 1973 to encourage and promote the quality breeding of purebred Rottweiler’s and to protect and advance the interests of the breed. ARC is the Parent Club of the Rottweiler. That means we are the only Rottweiler club to be a Member of the American Kennel Club; we send a Delegate to their quarterly meetings and we are the owners of the AKC Rottweiler Standard. Find out more on .

Rottweiler Profile

Weighing in between 75 and 130 pounds depending on the gender.  This medium sized breed is a loyal and protective companion for your family.  Supervision with children and other Dogs is required.  They are very dedicated to protecting the people they love and can be hesitant of new comers to the group.

Making sure that from day one your Rottie knows you are the dominant lead of the group will keep them from becoming destructive and assuming that role.  Keeping them active with at least 2 walks per day will enable a calmer pet.  They have energy and love spending time with the family.

This breed of dog has been used by Police, Therapy and for Service.  Easy to train and very smart.  A well trained Rottie is a faithful, loving and loyal member of the family.  An untrained Rottie can wreak havoc.

Below is a book which has favorable ratings to help you along the path.  or visit our category for additional shopping.

Pet Names – Choosing the Perfect Pet Name

Pet Names – Choosing the Perfect Pet Name. You decided to get a dog/puppy. How long did it take you to decide on the perfect name for your pet? What criteria did you use to choose this name?

The name can mean many things to many people.  Pet Names are a hard decision. You want to make sure that it’s easy to use for commands, such as sit Bella, not sit –  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Looking at one of the rules for naming a pet, they say to keep the name to one to two syllables.

Our first two dogs were named Brooks and Maggie. Brooks was chosen because at the time we got her, Robert Brooks-Green Bay Packer Player- No. 87, 85; Position: PFWA, He played for the Green Bay Packers (1992–1998) was doing great and we loved watching him play. In 1998,  the year we got Brooks was Robert Brooks last year with the Packers.  We registered her as “Our Miss Brooks” with the AKC. This is from a TV show in the 50’s and it seemed appropriate for her. She always looked like she had an old soul. Maggie was named after a friend of mines pet who had passed away. I loved that name and wanted to give tribute to her baby.

Our next two dogs are named Molly and Sadie. The two names we chose were picked 2 years before we got them.   I went over an extensive list of names with my grandson who at the time was 9 years old. He picked those names as the ones he liked. I wrote them down and when we decided to bring 2 more beautiful pets into our home that is names we gave them.

For whatever reason, the name you picked for your pet is special to you. How it came about and the process you chose to go through to obtain it.  A lengthy list of names I found was on

If you’re like me and like to hold a book so I can circle and go back to the book below is perfect for that.

Weimaraner “Weim” – Smart Dog of the Week


The profile of a  Weimaraner “Weim”

Weimaraner is a friendly and obedient family member.  If you are a runner this is the perfect dog for you as they are athletic and will keep up to your long runs just fine.  This breed is good with children, however, with other dogs they do tend to need supervision.   Shedding is seasonal and grooming is weekly brushings.  They live to be between 10 and 13 years old, average age for a large breed.   The male dogs can weigh between 70 to 90 pounds and the female dogs are about 60 to 75 pounds.  Very easy to train.  However, an untrained Weimaraner is a demolition machine.  Train them early!

Known as a Gun Dog, this bred is relentless in their pursuit.  Germany is the origination place for this breed.   The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1943.  When President Eisenhower was in office their pet was the Weimaraner.

Visit the AKC website for more information regarding this breed.

I must admit when I first started reading about Weim’s I thought, oh boy!  I don’t run and they need a lot of physical activity.  But, as I read different blogs and articles I realized there are so many places that you can take your Weim to exercise them that it became a little more feasible.  However, I do not recommend big city living unless you can take them to daycare.    Weim’s love being with you and do not like being left alone.  They have no trouble invading your personal space and they love constant attention.

The book listed below is for the first 6 months of your Weim’s life.  Additional books and specific items are found in our Dog of the week shopping Category at

Did your Dog get skunked? 3 methods to help eliminate the Smell!

Did your Dog get skunked? 3 methods to help eliminate the Smell!

Skunk Smell Removal.  So your dog just got sprayed.  First thing you will want to do is use a eye wash (human eye wash is ok) to get the skunk oil out of their eyes.  Check nose and mouth also and clean those right away.  Skunk oil is very irritating to your dogs eyes and 9 times out of 10 they are going to get sprayed in the face.

You will want to remove the smell as quickly as you can. The longer the smell sits and absorbs the harder its going to be to remove.

Three Methods of Skunk smell removal

Tomato Juice:  First make sure to fully bathe your dog with Shampoo.  Pat Dry off your pet and then soak them in tomato juice, making sure that you use enough to thoroughly soak through to the skin.  Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse and use dog shampoo again.    Repeat this method several times until there is no smell remaining.  This is the least effective method of the 3 but it will help in a pinch if you this is what you have on hand.

Skunk shampoo:  We have a few Skunk shampoo’s in our Category shopping tab that will do the job.  Follow this link and click on Dog Grooming/Shampoos and Conditioners.  Do not get this near your dogs eyes.  Buy a bottle and keep on hand for the “just in case”.  This way at midnight your prepared! 🙂

Homemade remedy: Chemist Paul Krebaum’s peroxide-and-baking-soda formula.  Here is his recipe:

  • One quart (1 lt.) of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • One quarter cup of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon liquid hand soap (not detergent)

Shampoo dog with shampoo right away don’t let the oil from the skunk dry on your dogs fur it will take forever to remove.  Then apply the above homemade remedy thoroughly saturating.  Rinse and repeat.    Don’t store this homemade remedy as the contents could expand and explode.  Don’t get it near your dogs eyes either, it’s very damaging.  Apply this method 3 or 4 times until smelling clean.

No matter what method you choose, just get shampooing and reapplying until there is no smell.  Please contact your vet if you notice any irritation of eyes, if you dog gets sick or if you see irritation on the skin from the repeated washings.  For additional information check out Web MD at

Thanks for shopping Smart Dogs Shop!

Happy Fourth of July from Smart Dogs Shop

Fireworks and Fun

Truly a Wonderful Day of reflecting why we have our Freedom and Independence.  Food, Music and Fireworks, it is fun filled Day for everyone, except……your Dog.  However, your pet does has some concerns over his/her safety that we need to look at.

Fireworks and Pet ID’s

Make sure your dog has its collar on with Tag Id’s and consider getting your dog microchipped.  Fourth of July is the heaviest day of the year for runaway dogs.  They are frightened by the fireworks and try to dash away from them.  Keep them indoors and safe.


Going to the Fireworks display or having some in fun with fireworks in the backyard?  Either choice, leave your dog inside.  Turn on the radio or TV for distraction.  If going to the Fireworks display, don’t lock your dog in your car.  Heatstroke and the mere fact that your dog is in an unfamiliar place with lots of people, loud noise.  Just all around not a pleasant place for them to be


Lots of Food at Picnics and BBQ’s set out on tables to enjoy.  Remember that some of these foods aren’t always dog friendly.  Foods that are not good for your dog can cause your dog to be uncomfortable and throw up to sending them to a pet hospital or even death.  

For more information on Food Toxicity, effects of Fireworks on animals and all around pet safety visit my favorite site  The Thunder shirt below is a comforting way to hug your dog when your not there.   It can help calm them if they are anxious, or nervous.  You can find this shirt and one other one with 4.5 star rating by clicking on Category  and going to the Dog Collars section.  Thanks for shopping Smart Dogs Shop!

Have a safe, pet friendly Fourth of July!

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)- Smart Dog of the Week

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) is our choice this week for Smart Dog of the Week.  Originating in England this breed is considered toy by standard but energetic, determined and hunter of sorts.  Yorkie’s were used to hunt out and kill mice/rates in factory’s before becoming a household family member.

The Yorkshire can weigh between 7 and 15 pounds. They have long hair and need regular grooming however, they do not shed very much.  Considered a good breed for allergy sufferers.  They are considered good with children and other dogs however, supervision should be part of that interaction.  Living to be between 11 and 15 years old they are a delightful independent companion.

The Yorkie is noted for a higher pitch bark and should be trained from day 1 on control of their voice.   Excitability which sets off the “chase” is predominant in this breed.  Although a Yorkie can be good with children they are not fond of roughhousing that smaller children can bring.  A Watchful eye is always a good thing.

Remember: Small dog, small bladder 🙂  they are easier trained to a litter box and using a dog door.  This will help keep them potty perfect!