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Rescued Dogs


Rescued Dogs are the inspiration for this post.  Arriving at Nashville this past week, there was a building there that had the most beautiful art painted on it.  Pictured left.

Reflecting on the many, many dogs (and other animals) that are neglected, abused and given up,  I am sadden to think that these beautiful animals are given so little consideration.  I have heard it all from its just a dog, to don’t care it was free, to no attachment here got it for my kid.  Do you ever wonder what the animal is thinking when all they do is give love.

Reflecting Back

Reflecting back on when we went to get Mollie and Sadie.  I purchased Mollie and Sadie from a family out in the country who wanted to breed their dog one time.  They had a litter of 10 and they were AKC registered Labradors.  I did not register my dogs, I had them fixed as I did not want to breed puppies.  Anyway, I feel as if I did rescue them as one never knows if they did not sell where they would have gone.  I am pretty sure both of these two remaining dogs would probably not found a home as they both have imperfections for AKC dogs.  However, I find both of them amazing in their own personalities and markings and it did not matter to me.  Molly is the runt of the litter and Sadie is a very special dog who is sometimes challenged with comprehension skills.

I look in each of their eyes and all I see is 2 dogs who love us and want our undivided attention.  They are funny, sometimes can be a little disobedient but then again it falls back on us that we might not have trained them properly for whatever they are doing wrong.  Its never a dogs fault, it is 100 percent the owners fault as dogs will do what you train them to do and be.  Rescues can require more training and others less but if you are not 110 percent invested in their training then you cannot blame the dog when something goes wrong.

Rescue Sites

Although there are hundreds and hundreds of rescue sites out there, Pet Finder is an awesome site which can lead you all over the US to find the dog that is right for you and your family.


A good read:Bonding with Your Rescue Dog: Decoding and Influencing Dog Behavior (Dog Training and Dog Care Series Book 1)


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